Mother of the Bride — 27 June 2013
What’s Hot ‘Mother of the Bride’ Summer 2013!

Being the Mother of the Bride carries certain responsibilities. You have to cry, but not so loud that people look at you instead of the bride; you have to fuss around the bride just long enough so she knows you care but you don’t become a nuisance and you have to look stylish and elegant without upstaging the bride herself, or she’ll never forgive you. La Bella Bridal have exactly the right outfits for you so everyone will know just where the bride gets her good taste.

Whether you opt for a dress, an outfit or a suit, we have such a range of brands and designers, you’ll be sure to find something perfect. The Condici Collection boasts a stunning variety of fashionable twin sets in a number of styles, colours and shades, made in luxurious silk or delicate crepes; with matching accessories, including shoes, handbags and, of course, hats, you will look and feel like the model Mother of the Bride.

Gema Nicolas’ Cabotine range includes the on-trend trouser suit, but also includes the ever-fashionable cocktail dress or, if you want to take this perfect opportunity for self-indulgence, you can opt for a floor-length gown. Cabotine’s versatility means you can wear the outfit again and again for different special occasions.

If you want to dip into the Mediterranean palette, then Lola Arce’s Zeila creations are the perfect choice, offering soft and delicate pastels as well as colours with depth and vibrancy in a range of styles that let you know they are up-to-the-minute, whilst acknowledging the Mother of the Bride traditions that people expect.

They say that if you want to know how a woman will age, you should look at her mother. When you style yourself at, the groom will be certain he’s made the right choice.

Click here to view La Bella Bridal’s fabulous range of designer ‘Mother of the Bride’ Dresses.


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