Mother of the Bride News — 20 December 2012
John Charles Mother of the Bride Collection 2013

It’s all in the detail for John Charles with their 2013 collection of mother of the bride dresses. Animal print and floral patterning are key features, offered in a hue of understated pastels, creams and ivories.

The inspiration for the collection was taken from the 1960s, and Jackie Kennedy’s style. A major icon of the Glitterati era, her style started a revolution in ladies’ smart wear. Detailing is chic and sassy, with animal print a strong feature in the collection, yet combined with sharp tailoring the overall impression is strong and classy. Floral prints are given the same tailoring treatment so make sure to check out this collection if you want to turn heads with a fresh twist on some classic styling.

Last season we saw a range of lace styles (thank you for highlighting the beauty of lace again Miss Middleton) and moving forward into 2013 lace is still evidently a popular feature. Lace panelling on bodices and skirts adds a variety in texture and draws the eye to the outfit as a whole. Fabric has always been important to the designers at John Charles, with their large range expanding further this season to incorporate tweeds and twill – fabrics that have seen a rise in mainstream fashion popularity of late – keeping a finger firmly on the fashion trend pulse.

With registry offices seeing a rise in both low key second (and sometimes first!) marriages, the designers at John Charles have kept understatement at the forefront of their minds. The credit crunch has led many couples to take a long hard look at their wedding budget, and many are now opting for a smaller, less extravagant day. For those marrying for a second time, the emphasis may not be on the big shebang and instead focussed more on sharing the special day in a more intimate, low key way without compromising quality.

John Charles is the perfect designer if you’re looking for a versatile mother of the bride outfit which will be subtly eye catching and incredibly flattering. The nature of the palettes worked with allow you to seamlessly glide from day to night without ever feeling over or under dressed and the fabrics will ensure you are reminded that you are draped in luxury every time you move. The 2013 collection upholds the excellent standards set by this designer, with unmistakable expert tailoring, chic design and fine detailing to set you apart from the crowds, whatever the occasion. A versatile collection where you’ll not regret splashing out on a timeless classic for that special occasion and more.


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