Wedding Dresses Wedding Ideas — 31 January 2014
A Look at Wedding Dress Styles For 2014

Wearing the perfect wedding dress is every bride’s dream. As the bride, you are going to be the centre of attention on your big day and no doubt, you want to be looking your absolute best.

Well, there’s no better way of making sure you pick the perfect wedding dress than to check out some of the popular wedding dress styles for 2014. Many of the styles are absolutely gorgeous and you can pick one that best suits your preference, personality, and body shape. Based on the latest bridal from New York to Paris here are some of  the top wedding dress styles for the year:

Lace Sleeves
Ever since Kate Middleton donned a beautiful lace sleeved wedding gown, this wedding style has enraptured everyone and is here to stay in 2014, more popular than ever before. The only difference this time round is that lace sleeves are fashionable in various lengths, from full length and 3/4 sleeves to half sleeves and caps, which means there’s something for every bride. A number of stunning lace sleeve styles are available in the Pronovias and Demetrios range, especially embracing the new half or cap lace sleeve trend. Lace sleeves definitely give the wedding gown a graceful and noble finish, fit for royalty.

Sheer Overlays
This fabulous bridal trend is an alternative to sleeves, but may also feature on necklines and hems. The translucent material, layers and sheer details add a lovely, illusionist touch to the wedding gown that will be sure to mesmerise. This dress by Provonias is an excellent example of this enchanting style, where the sheer, ruched arm overlays compliment the gown perfectly, coming together at the back to form an elegant train.

Bridal Beading
Inspired by the glamorous Great Gatsby and decadent Art Deco styles, beautiful vintage-style beadwork on wedding dresses continue to create an alluring and opulent wedding look for 2014. This trend includes ornate embroidery patterns, as well as floral and lattice motifs with delicate beading. Provonias wedding dresses incorporate a range of beaded designs, from simple neckline or upper bodice motifs to more dispersed beadwork designs that feature in the skirt. The Demetrios range also offers impressive dress styles with intricate beaded designs combined with amazing floral motifs and ruffled designs.

Short Length
You don’t have to wear a full length dress on your wedding day if you don’t want to. Shorter length wedding dresses with hemlines are a very popular style this year, and are the perfect choice for a fun and chic wedding ceremony in the city. Flirty knee or thigh high dresses with frothy hemlines and skirt designs are very much on trend, such as the strapless short length wedding frocks by Kiss the Frog and Demetrios. The short length wedding dress style will be sure to wow.
That’s right, pink is the new white for wedding gowns in 2014, and brides will absolutely love the opportunity to don this pretty colour on their special day. It’s very feminine and totally cool. The pink hue will look lovely on any bride and matches any type of skin tone. An example of this beautiful wedding style is the elegant pink wedding gown by Kiss the Frog. Other than a full pink wedding stress, you may opt for a stylish gown with a touch of pink on the ruffles, such as the one from Eddy K.

Bigger is better this year with stylishly large frothy wedding gowns making a grand statement in 2014. Everyone will have to make way for the bride. Voluminous gowns and wide skirts with ruffled tiers feature in the bridal collections by Demetrios, Provonias, Eddy K and Ellis. The bride will certainly be the centre of attention on her wedding day wearing this dramatic, spectacular style.

If volume is not your thing, then you’ll be glad to know that super sleek gowns are also hot this year for walking down the aisle in. This style comes in a variety of elegant shapes and designs, from simple silhouettes and strapless gowns to beaded motifs and flowing designs. Victoria Jane has a fabulous collection of sleek and elegant bridal gown designs, including sleek dresses with beautiful beaded and floral motifs. Other designers that offer impressive sleek wedding dress styles include Pronovias, Eddy K and Kiss the Frog. With sleek styles, you may choose an elaborate design, or opt for a simple, minimalist design, which is also very fashionable for 2014.

Little Mermaid / Fish Tail
Rather than a bold and voluptuous fishtail, this year the fishtail has been recreated with a more subtle, softer and chic design. These curve hugging gowns flare out perfectly at the knee, and will leave the bride looking oh so glamorous. This stunning fishtail trend can be seen in dresses by Victoria Jane, Ellis, Pronovias, and Demetrios.
As you can see, the top wedding dresses for 2014 from Bridal Fashion Week are all about styles and designs that look fabulous, compliment the bride’s figure in the best way and provide plenty of choice. Some popular wedding dress styles overlap with one other, which means that you can pick a dress that brings together all the features you love. Whether you want lace sleeves and a beaded motif, a wedding gown with volume, or a trendy small fishtail design, it’s entirely up to you.

These popular styles are available in many variations from top designers, including Pronovias, Demiatrios, Victoria Jane, Ellis, Eddy K and others, each with stunning collections that embrace the latest trends. By picking a wedding gown style that you know is fashionable this year, you can be confident that your wedding dress will be the perfect choice for you and your special day.

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