Wedding Ideas — 03 July 2013
4th July 2013 Wedding Ideas

What could be better than to get married in July? Even here in the UK the weather should be nice enough not to spoil the photos and if you’re considering early July why not have a 4th of July themed wedding? It’s always nice to tie the day together with some sort of connection and Independence Day gives you a whole host of options to choose from.

So, how to interpret the theme? The colours are the obvious ones, the bridesmaids and groomsmen can be in a combination of reds and blues leaving the bride to sparkle in white. The reds and blues can vary from the vivid to more muted shades depending on your preference and the bouquet can reflect these choices. If you’re feeling really brave you could suggest your guests also dress in the spirit. The reason I say brave is that you may get unwanted competition from anyone else daring to wear white!

If you want to go the whole hog, literally, then you could have a traditional 4th of July barbecue for your wedding breakfast. There are bespoke companies that will bring their huge barbecues to you with hog roasts or any sort of barbecue food you fancy. There are also some that have specific wedding packages and they provide not only the food but will decorate the tables and have silver-service staff on hand as well.

Finally the drinks, you could start off with colourful cocktails with either the red, white and blue theme or with Independence Day inspired names. Be prepared to have plenty of virgin cocktails on hand too though. I once went to a lovely wedding in Spain which began with cocktails but unfortunately the groom’s mother got a little out of hand. Lots of fun for the guests but I don’t think the bride was too impressed!

All in all, a 4th of July themed wedding is sure to be vibrant and unusual, definitely the wedding of the season which will be talked about for months.

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