The Bridal Shop

There has been a bridal shop in this part of
lower South Street for over 30 years and about
9 years ago, Ian and Josie took over the existing
business and re-launched the new bridal shop, called
La Bella Bridal. The shop is conveniently situated in the heart
of Exeter, with ample parking within 2 or 3 minutes walking distance.

The wide shop frontage with the superb window display that is
regularly updated makes the shop un miss able on your way into the
centre of Exeter, either walking or driving. On entering the shop
you will be amazed at the large selection of Mother of the Bride outfits
with matching accessories or go upstairs and browse through probably
one of the largest collections of bridal gowns in the South West. For
that special day, by making a day out to visit Exeter you will ensure
the day will never be forgotten.

The Bridal Shop Main Floor

When I initially designed the bridal shop, I concerned myself with presenting the beautiful wedding clothes in an environment that was classic, modern, vibrant, and chic. I wanted to create a feeling of spaciousness as opposed to the cramp feel of many contemporary establishments. For that special day I want my clients to feel relaxed and at ease, and not at all under any purchasing pressure. The outfit or dress has to be right for “you” and one that you will be very proud to be remembered in.

Women make the best decisions’ choosing wedding clothes when they are in are relaxed, uncluttered and spacious environment and my shop certainly gives them that feeling. The upstairs discreet bridal room means your fiancé or husband to be can relax downstairs – while you choose at your leisure, far enough away from him not to know what wedding dress you are selecting until he sees you coming up the aisle.

The bridal shop is spacious – the main floor can accommodate over 30 people and still feel comfortable. I never stop merchandising the shop and every week you will see things change and different. I like my customers to see something new and very interesting on each visit.

The First Floor Private Bridal Room

On the first floor, away from inquisitive eyes, is the private Bridal room, tastefully decorated with crystal chandelier to add to the specialness of the occasion. This room has over 200 wedding gowns from the straight-forward to the elaborate made from the finest silk.

There are 3 private fitting rooms. It’s quiet, discreet, relaxing, and there are definitely “no men allowed!”

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