Price Range from £400 to £1,000

Condici Mother of the Bride Dresses, Suits and Outfits

Condici is a firm favourite with the La Bella Bridal team. With over 25 years of experience creating classically beautiful and elegant pieces, Condici Mother of the Bride outfits are not to be missed. A specialist in elegant occasion wear, Condici Mother of the bride dresses are versatile enough to be worn again after the special wedding day, on other special occasions, providing an excellent justification to splash out on something beautiful! Very sought-after, a Condici outfit will be a wonderful addition to anyone's wardrobe.

Now, it's not just the Mother of the Bride who needs to be kitted out in something subtly fabulous, but Mother of the Groom and any grandmothers attending will also want to dazzle. The range is classic and flattering, offering something to suit all tastes and enhance all figures.

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