Price Range from £500 to £1,800

Demetrios Wedding Dresses and Bridal Gowns

Demetrios wedding dresses and bridal gowns can be seen in 100s of the better bridal magazine. The designer is Demetrios James Elias a Greek American, and he is one of the most creative bridal designers in the world and he has many different styles of dresses to his credit.

Demetrios is our newest bridal label and we are very excited about the prospects for it during 2013. They use satin, silk and taffeta and special lace and they can be changed from zip or lace-up. Demetrios designs gowns to suit all desires and dreams – from traditional to the avant garde. His attention to detail leaves nothing to chance. The dresses are unique in presentation. Size range is from 6 to 28, and the come in various colours – white, ivory, pinks, silver and blue.

Why not Have a look at our TOP 10 Most Popular Wedding Dresses video to see if one of Demetrio's dresses is a winner.

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